Football Awards

2018 All Americans

  • Ryan Graham, A.P.
  • William Brocchini, DB

2018 All State

  • Ryan Graham, RB / A.P.
  • William Brocchini, DB

2018 All NorCal League

  • Offense: Ryan Graham, RB; Cesar Moreno OL; Hassani Zackery, WR
  • Defense: William Brocchini, DB; Steven Brown II, DB; Waylon Cozad, LB

2017 All Americans

  • Brandon Aiyuk, A.P.
  • William Brocchini, DB

2017 All State

  • Brandon Aiyuk, WR / A.P.
  • William Brocchini, DB
  • Brian Lee, DL

2017 All NorCal League

  • Offense: Brandon Aiyuk, WR; Carlos Barraza OL; Ryan Tantum, OL
  • Defense: William Brocchini, DB; Felipe Chambers, DB; Brian Lee DL

2016 All Americans

  • Tyrell Anderson, A.P.

2016 All State

  • Isaiah Bailey, WR
  • Tyrell Anderson, A.P.

2016 All NorCal League

  • Offense: Patrick Nevin, OL; Isaiah Bailey, WR; Brandon Aiyuk, WR; Draysean Hudson, WR; Patrick Nevin, OL
  • Defense: Jahmar Sexton, DB
  • Tyrell Anderson, A.P.

2015 All Americans

  • Derrick Achayo, OL
  • Devin Gray, WR

2015 All State

  • Defense: Ian Davis, DB; Ascension Vela, LB
  • Offense: Derrick Achayo, OL; Devin Gray, WR

2015 All NorCal League

  • Defense: Ian Davis, DB; Hank Humphers, LB; Ascension Vela, LB
  • Offense: Derrick Achayo, OL; Isaiah Bailey, WR; Devin Gray, WR

2014 All State

  • Travon Lampley, All Purpose

2014 All NorCal League

  • Defense: Austin Wyatt-Thayer, LB; Javon Tillman, DB
  • Offense: Zack Graves, RB; Durant Foote, OL; Nesly Ovincy, WR; Travon Lampley, All Purpose

2013 All Americans

  • Zack Starnes, DB
  • Austin Wyatt-Thayer, LB

2013 All State

  • Zack Starnes, DB
  • Austin Wyatt-Thayer, LB
  • Jordan Finley, OL

2013 All Valley Conference Team

  • Defensive Player of the Year: Zack Starnes
  • Defense: Michael Saulter, DB Austin Wyatt-Thayer, LB; Vincent Gibbs, DL; Erik McKinnon, DL
  • Offense: Calvin Burns, RB; Devin Gray, WR; Jordan Finley, OL; Steven Trivette, OL; P. Michael Cloutier, OL

2012 All Americans

  • Devante Bond, LB, Valley Conference Defensive Player of the Year
  • Vince Mayle, WR, Valley Conference Offensive Player of the Year