Women's Beach Volleyball Awards


Pairs Athletes Notes
1's Haley Biles and Meghan Merlino Big 8 Champions and MVP, Regional Runner-Up, State Elite 8 Appearance
2's Kapri Pelle and Sarah Shively All Big 8, Regional 3rd, State Sweet Sixteen Appearance
3's Jazzy Dean and Maddy Meteer All Big 8 Conference, Regional Qualifer


Pairs Athletes Notes
1's Sarah Schell and Savanah Schroeder All Big 8 MVP’s, Elite 8 Finish at State
2's Meghan Merlino and Kalala Strickland All Big 8, State Tournament Participant
3's Maddy Rowland and Kylie Shinn All Big 8, Regional Qualifier
4's Grace Lemmo and Kapri Pelle All Big 8, Regional Qualifier
5's Brittany Boerstra and Bella Orteza All Big 8, Regional Qualifier


Pairs Athletes Notes
1's Stefanie Christoferson and Ally Wuben All Coast Conference, Sweet 16 at State