Sports Medicine

The mission of the Sierra College sports medicine staff is to provide our intercollegiate athletes with comprehensive health care services. This includes prevention, evaluation, immediate care, rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries.

Athletic Training


The athletic training room is located in room G-202, the door opens onto the parking lot next to the gymnasium.


The athletic training room is open Monday through Friday at 10:00 a.m. and on the weekends for practice and competitions. It will close when practices and competitions are finished.

Preparticipation Forms Injury Information Handouts

Athletic Training Room Policies

  1. Athletes will be served on a first come first served basis. Exceptions will be made for athletes that have competitions with away competitions having priority over home contests.
  2. Athletes will not bring tobacco into the training room. Athletes will not use profanity in the training room. Athletes will act appropriately towards the athletic trainers, athletic training students and other athletes in the room.
  3. Athletes will dress appropriately in the training room.
  4. Athletes will remove cleats before entering the athletic training room and should leave all equipment by the door.
  5. Athletes are responsible for allowing enough time for evaluation and treatment before practices. If an athlete has a conflict with classes he/she must communicate with us and we will arrange a time for treatment.

Sports Medicine Team

Sabrina Deans, MS ATC
Athletic Trainer

Brandon Johnson, MS ATC
Athletic Trainer

Thomas C. Merchant, M.D.
Team Physician

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